Best Food Processor In India 2021

 To bring a perfect dish on the table is no cakewalk. Best Food Processor In India It takes a lot of effort and love to prepare a finger-licking food. But in today’s fast forward world, who has time to wait! We all have become restless and impatient that we need everything done in the blink of an eye. And when it comes to food (the love of our life), even five minutes is equal to five hours.wikipidia

Best Food Processor In India

In such a scenario, to get dinner on the table quickly, you can always use another pair of hands in the kitchen i.e. Food processor. A Best food processor can be termed as a ‘one-man army’. It allows you to prepare a variety of food from grating cheese to slicing vegetables to chopping nut to juicing fruits to the kneading of dough - at the speed of light.

Having a food processor is like having your assistant who saves you from the hassle of tedious and tiring work. Hence, nothing can be better than having the best food processors in India by your side in the kitchen. It makes food preparation comfier and in less time.
What are some of the best food processors in India?
Selecting the best food processor is more complicated than you think. The best food processors in India can provide you with chef-level quality, neatly chopped and ready-to-cook ingredients in seconds.

In our endeavor, to assist you, we have listed the brief on top-rated food processors reviewed in terms of strength, efficiency, and user-friendliness. This will help you decide the best for you and make the most of your money.
Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-Watt Food Processor
Morphy Richards, the name is enough! Morphy Richards Icon is one of the best multitasking food processors available in India. It is the perfect blend of versatility and reliability.

It possesses a 1000-watt motor which, in turn, offers the best quality and refined blend. The motor is built of good quality metal and has sharp edges that deliver perfection.

The food processor comes with a safety lock and has a speed control knob.

The twist and lock mechanism of Morphy Richards DLX helps to close the lid conveniently by allowing the appliance to blend the ingredients in a better way.

There is no rocket science. The food processor is easy to use and also comes with two years of warranty. The company covers free replacement or service in case the product faces any technical problems.

Preethi Zodiac MG218 750-watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zodiac is more of a mixer grinder but still makes its way in the list of best food processors due to its great performance and amazing features. The model comes with a warranty of five long years.

It comes with a multitasking jar which can blend, mix and chop all at the same time.

The ABS food-grade plastic body and an ergonomic Tripod design offer stability even in high-speed settings.

MG218 boasts a 750 Watt motor which can run for continuous 250 hours by offering durability to the model.

The jars are made up of transparent plastic and stainless steel making.

Inalsa Fiesta 650-watt best Food Processor

Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food Processor is an all-rounder that can cut, slice, knead, mix or even juice the food ingredients. Some of its salient features are:

Inalsa Fiesta is an all in one appliance which does chopping, shredding, slicing and emulsifying food in seconds. You can prepare citrus and vegetable juice, knead bread-dough, egg whites and much more.

Blades are built of high-quality steel which is perfect for chopping, pureeing, blending & processing cake mixtures. The polycarbonate BPA-Free Blender Jar & Multipurpose Stainless-Steel Jar ensure durability.

The powerful 650-Watt motor saves electricity.

The processor has a wide feeder tube, 3-speed settings with pulse function and easy to maintain.

Inalsa Inox 1000-Watt Food Processor

Looking for quality? Trust Inalsa. The Inalsa food processors lie in the league of a top-selling food processor. Inalsa Inox 1000-Watt food processor takes your food preparation to a different level offering maximum ease in minimal efforts.

The appliance is not just your food processor but also a juicer. Inalsa 1000-Watt food processor is suitable for citrus and vegetable juices as well.

Say goodbye to messiness and clumsiness. The additional accessories can be easily detached from the motor and cleaned.

Bring home a wide range of accessories with this food processor - Chopping Blade, Centrifugal Juicer, Kneading blade, Citrus Juicer, Coarse Slice/Coarse Shredder Disc and much more.

The main bowl is 2.4 Litres making it ideal for preparing large meals. One can process a large volume of food at one go.

Final thoughts of Best Food Processor In India

We have come to the end of our article and these are some of the best food processor review you can consider. Investing in the right kind of food processor is important as it saves both time and money. Inalsa, BOSCH, Philips and Preeti Zodiac are some of the best food processor companies in India.

If you want to go in-depth, visit K2 Appliances and check out the blog on ‘5 Inalsa Best Food Processor (2020) – Reviews & Buying Guide’ and ‘Top 10 Best Food Processor In India 2020- Reviews & Buying Guide’.

Start exploring and shop for the best!

Why Do You Need A Food Processor

Tener un procesador de alimentos hace que sea realmente fácil preparar cada comida. Gran parte de nuestro tiempo se pierde en picar y rallar las frutas y verduras que necesitamos para el plato.

Un procesador de alimentos tiene motores rápidos y cuchillas afiladas que ofrecen excelentes habilidades para picar. Puede hacer de todo, desde picar hasta moler y batir, e incluso puede obtener una pasta fina de maní sin ningún problema.

Si usted es alguien que necesita preparar la salsa con más frecuencia, entonces un procesador de alimentos puede ser su mejor amigo. Un procesador de alimentos es como tener una licuadora, un exprimidor y un molinillo en un solo lugar. No es necesario que compre ninguno de estos cuando tiene un procesador de alimentos.

Si tiene un procesador de alimentos, puede hacer una pasta, condimentar aderezos, salsas, crema batida, amasar una masa, rebanar, picar, cortar en cubitos y batir verduras y frutas.

Types Of Food Processors in hindi

Hand Operated

Los procesadores de alimentos manuales son los más básicos. Se utilizan para picar verduras como cebollas. Necesitan un poco más de esfuerzo en términos de trabajo manual, pero por otro lado, son fáciles de usar y limpiar.

Dado que vienen en tamaños bastante pequeños, el almacenamiento no es un problema. Los procesadores manuales son perfectos para picar cuando la cantidad de comida es menor.

Mini procesadores de alimentos
Los mini procesadores de alimentos son compactos. Son los más adecuados para familias más pequeñas. Estos pueden realizar múltiples actividades como picar, moler, triturar y mezclar, pero todo en pocas cantidades.

Para las personas que viven solas y prefieren cocinar platos versátiles por su cuenta, estos mini procesadores de alimentos son muy recomendables.

Procesadores de alimentos de tamaño completo
Los procesadores de alimentos de tamaño completo son los que pueden realizar la mayoría de las funciones y también pueden proporcionar una capacidad de alrededor de 9-12 tazas. Algunos incluso ofrecen capacidad para 20 tazas.

Los más caros vienen con ganchos para amasar para mezclar el pan. Además, estarán equipados con una gama de discos y cuchillas para elegir en beneficio del usuario.

Los procesadores de tamaño completo de buenas marcas pueden ser muy duraderos ya que sus motores son lo suficientemente potentes para manejar todo tipo de operaciones.

Choppers de búfalo
Estos son los más adecuados para el procesamiento de alimentos pesados ​​como la carne. Pueden manipular todo tipo de alimentos y tienen una estructura de metal resistente, lo que los hace más potentes que cualquier otro tipo de procesador de alimentos.

Buyers Guide food prossesor in india-power

The food processor that is chosen should be able to handle the kind of processing that is required by the user.

For tough jobs like chopping raw carrots, mixing stiff ingredients, or shredding hard cheese, a processor with a strong motor must be used else it will burn out soon.


The bowls of a food processor come in varying sizes depending on the model. So before buying, you must see which ones would be suitable for your requirements.

A mini food processor would be suitable for single people and small families while a full-sized one is apt for larger families.

Blades and discs

It is recommended that one must check if all the types of blades and discs are provided according to the functions that the processor has to perform.

There are different kinds of accessories like the reversible blade for grating as well as slicing, chopping blade, beater and whisk disc attachments and juice extractor.

Brand and Price

The brands and models must be kept in mind while buying a food processor. The more expensive ones provide a powerful motor, which is very helpful in the long run.

The secondary brands often offer some extra accessories and attachments, but their motors are not that powerful. The ultimate decision should be made on personal preference and the budget of the buyer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It must be ensured that the product bought has a long-term warranty and provides quality customer service. Food preparation will become both convenient and enjoyable if proper investment is made on the food processor.

User-friendly/Easy Demonstration

Electronic appliances like food processors are very delicate; they can break down if not used properly. Complete information about the DOs and DON’Ts is a necessity.

A detailed demo is a must, and the explanation of the procedure to use a processor must be simple. The technological and digital progress should not make it complicated for the older generation to use.

Lid is best Food processor In India

Consider the feeding tube’s size while buying processors. The feeding tube in the lids must be wide. The size of the feeding tube will determine the maximum size of food that can be added to the processor. The wider the feeding tube, the lesser the efforts to slice the food.

If the feeding tube is narrow, it will require you to pre-cut your food. One of the best lids would include feeding tubes with another smaller feeding tube in the middle of the pusher.

Easy Assembly and Easy Control 

The arrangement and gathering of all the tools must be simple. The lid should instantly get securely placed with a snap. Some machines would not work if the pusher is not inside; it may make it harder to add more material while it’s working.

Best Food Processor In India Another part of the easy assembly is that the parts must be easy to clean.

You can opt for a processor with a touchpad, and smooth inset buttons are preferable to control functions. The older style of lever toggles may collect some overflowing liquids, and it may collect some filth.

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